010: Graham Fortgang, MatchaBar
Graham Fortgang (Right) with Eli Libman, MatchaBar Brooklyn, 2015

010: Graham Fortgang, MatchaBar


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Our next NODcast episode goes to Graham Fortgang, who founded MatchaBar, the first specialty matcha cafe in New York City. MatchaBar has served millions of matcha teas to New Yorkers in need of a tasteful, healthy, and focused energy boost.

Graham, along with his brother Max, and business partner Eli have one mission: make matcha the go-to drink for starting your day.

Listen to what Graham had to say about his love of matcha, the ways he lives out the principles of MatchaBar in his life, and how good things come to those who hustle.


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing Episode 010 with Graham Fortgang.

If you’re in NYC go get a matcha at MatchaBar Brooklyn at 93 Whythe, or MatchaBar Chelsea at 256 W 15th st.  Also, MatchaBar is about to launch a bottled tea to bring their matcha to stores around the world. Follow them on Instagram at @matchabarnyc to find out how you can get some of the first bottles.

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