011: Valerie Figarella, Motorgrrl
Valerie Figarella & the mechanics behind Motorgrrl, 2015

011: Valerie Figarella, Motorgrrl

figarella-quoteOur next NODcast episode goes to Valerie Figarella. Valerie is the motorcycle expert who founded Motorgrrl, a community-based motorcycle repair shop and garage in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Motorgrrl is a place where people can park, work on and learn about their bikes with other bikers and Valerie’s expert team of mechanics.

Listen to what Valerie (and her chihuahua Queenie) had to say about her love of motorcycles, personalities in business and in bikes, and being the girl behind Motorgrrl.


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing Episode 011 with Valerie Figarella.

Check out her shop online at motorgrrl.com or in person at 42 Dobbin Street in Brooklyn. Follow Motorgrrl on Instagram at @motorgrrl.

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