017: Laura Beth Resnick, Flower Farmer, Butterbee Farm
Laura Beth Resnick and Jascha Owens at Butterbee Farm, Stacy Bauer Photography

017: Laura Beth Resnick, Flower Farmer, Butterbee Farm

resnickquote Welcome to Notes on Doing, conversations with people who love what they do.

Our next episode goes to Laura Beth Resnick. Laura founded Butterbee Farm – a flower farm in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Listen to what Laura had to say about farming and harvesting flowers, the happiness found in seeking personal success first, and why your identity should never be just one thing.


Happy New Year! Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing Episode 017 with Laura Beth Resnick. We hope the robotic Skype delays in this episode weren’t too distracting 🙂

You should definitely check out what Laura and Jascha are up to at Butterbee Farm online at Butterbeefarm.com. If you’re in the Baltimore area sign up for their flower CSA or visit the farm for one of their Bouquet Saturdays. ButterBee Farm also has a gorgeous Instagram account @butterbee_farm.

And.. do do do! We have some quick Notes on Doing announcements for you to kick off 2016 right –

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Until next week! In the meantime always do.


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016: Conrad Clifton, Music Producer