018: Dylan Ezzie, Collector, Horrific Finds
Dylan Ezzie, Photo by Adrian Letechipia, ROARK Studios

018: Dylan Ezzie, Collector, Horrific Finds

dylanquoteWelcome to Notes on Doing, conversations with people who love what they do.

Our next NODcast episode goes to Dylan Ezzie. Dylan is a collector. His massive horror collection (featuring life-size statues of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Chucky, Golum, and more) led him to create Horrific Finds, a community and company dedicated to the art of collecting paraphernalia related to the horror genre. The Horrific Finds Facebook page alone currently has a half a million followers.

Listen to what Dylan had to say about being friends with villains, persevering against all odds, and relaxing with a dog named Rambo.


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