023: Deidre Muro, Singer, Songwriter, Businesswoman
Deidre Muro, Official Photo

023: Deidre Muro, Singer, Songwriter, Businesswoman

deidrequoteWelcome to Notes on Doing, conversations with people who love what they do.

Our next episode goes to Deidre Muro. Deidre is a very talented Singer, Songwriter, and Businesswoman. You’ve heard her music everywhere! Her two current projects are Deidre & the Dark and Violet Sands. She’s also the Creative Director at YouTooCanWoo, a Brooklyn-based post-production and recording studio.

Listen to what Deidre had to say about singing, writing music, and being a boss lady.


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing Episode 23, with Deidre Muro. Check out her music and follow her on social! For

Deidre & the Dark – www.deidremusic.com

Violet Sands – www.violetsands.com (redirects to Soundcloud right now)

Also, the best way to listen to music as always is LIVE. Here’s some upcoming tour dates:

3/7 7-9pm: Violet Sands @ The Standard Penthouse (Standard Sounds / Annie O. Music Series) (New York, NY) – free rsvp to  aohayan@standardhotels.com

Deidre and the Dark is also on tour in the northeast from 3/8-3/11, tour dates and places are:

3/8: Deidre & the Dark @ The Sinclair (Cambridge, Massachusetts) – tickets

3/9: Deidre & the Dark @ Milkboy (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – tickets

3/10: Deidre & the Dark @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY) – tickets

3/11: Deidre & the Dark @ Songbyrd DC (Washington, District of Columbia) – tickets

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