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EPISODE 023: Deidre Muro on being a boss lady

Jenna: How would you explain what you do to your grandmother?
Deidre: I think I would say ‘Nana, so I’m doing music! I’m doing music. I write songs, I perform. David and I are running a studio in Williamsburg where we’re scoring things, creating custom music for other people’s projects, working on films… I do voiceovers sometimes, I help run the business… and she’d probably say ‘oh that’s nice’ and be a little confused that I couldn’t just say ‘Oh, I play the piano. That’s what I do.’

Our next episode goes to Deidre Muro. Deidre is a very talented Singer, Songwriter, and Businesswoman. You’ve heard her music everywhere! Her two current projects are Deidre & the Dark and Violet Sands. She’s also the Creative Director at YouTooCanWoo, a Brooklyn-based post-production and recording studio.

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