026: Augusta Gordon, Psychotherapist
Augusta Gordon

026: Augusta Gordon, Psychotherapist

gordon-quoteWelcome to Notes on Doing. Conversations with people who love what they do.

Our next episode goes to Augusta Gordon. Augusta is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with her own practice in Brooklyn, New York.

Listen to what Augusta had to say about how the human mind works, listening and nodding, parenting, mindfulness, and what we all innately need more of.

*This episode I took a different approach to questions. Most of the questions in this interview come not from me but from a group of 20 Notes on Doing listeners. I figured when it comes to psychology all of us have questions. Enjoy.*


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing episode 26 with Augusta Gordon. You can check out her practice at http://www.augustagordon.com/.

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