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EPISODE 027: Jenna Matecki on creating Notes on Doing

Our next episode features an interview with me, actually.

I had a friend sift through a list of questions from past Notes on Doing interviewees and some of the show’s biggest fans. From there my friend interviewed me using those questions.


So for the last few weeks I’ve been going through and asking a lot of people for advice and feedback on Notes on Doing and the biggest *thing* that everyone keeps on mentioning is that they have no idea who I am.

I figured that a perfect way to fix that would be for me to sit on the other side of the mic and to answer questions that everyone honestly has… so that’s what this episode is! I hope you enjoy it.


Also, a shout out to people who submitted questions! Thank you so much…

Antonia Santangelo
Sable Yong
Sam Wong
Will Mayo
Valerie Figarella
Deidre Muro
Dylan Ezzie
Jonathan Miller
Timothy Samara
Phoebe Ogawa
David Perlick-Molinari
Rick Webb
Jeff Weisbein

And thanks to Adrian Letechipia for graciously taking the time to interview me.