037: Willie Avendano, Co-Founder ø1, Wynwood Maker Camp
Willie Avendano at ø1, Wynwood, Miami [Official Photo]

037: Willie Avendano, Co-Founder ø1, Wynwood Maker Camp

“Humans are intrinsically human. Which means we have high-order thinking skills that allow us to analyze, and be creative, and postulate, and dream. So let’s be more human.”

“They’re worried that people are going to think it sucks. So what? I suck at stuff all the time.”

“‘Little by little’ is something that’s measurable.” 

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I’m Jenna Matecki.

Our next episode goes to Willie Avendano. Willie is the Co-Founder of ø1, a Miami-based prototyping lab, school, and studio with new educational ideas and products around technology and gaming. ø1 is behind the Wynwood Maker Camp and the Vector physics and rocketry camp.

Listen to what Willie had to say about making, developing, teaching, testing, guiding, failing, growing, dreaming, and being human.

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