038: François-David Nehama
Francois-David Nehama, Italy 2016

038: François-David Nehama

“The thing that I’m most proud of is not any deal that I’ve made, or any bonus that I’ve received, or anything like that. It’s to have had the foresight to formulate what I wanted.”

“A. I have no excuse to not be happy, and
B. I have no excuse to not have some form of contribution to others that feels meaningful so that I just don’t look at my belly button all day.”

“Life is a series of interesting encounters. Not just a luxurious background.”

Welcome to Notes on Doing. Conversations with people who love what they do.

I’m Jenna Matecki.

Our next episode goes to François-David Nehama. François worked for 20 years as a sugar commodities trader.

Listen to what François had to say about how he got into trading sugar on the high seas, handling intense moments with grace, and living life as though it’s an interesting vacation.

Also! When the sound gets a little funky throughout the episode – thats Notes on Doing this time. Not your device. For this interview I tested out some new *cheap* lavalier microphones to use when traveling, and they turned out to be awful. Sorry about that gang!

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