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EPISODE 040: Jason Jaworski on ‘somethings’

“What is this ‘something?’”

Our next episode goes to Jason Jaworski. Jason is a photographer, writer, and artist, who has been living a nomadic existence since he was 17. His deeply personal photos, photobooks, exhibitions, and performances have been published, featured, shelved, and shown around the world – the International Center for Photography, MOCA Los Angeles, MoMA PS1, VICE Magazine, Juxtapoz, Bookdummypress, Mana Contemporary, and Opening Ceremony to name a few.

Listen to what Jason had to say about meeting the ninja turtles, dropping out of school, living homeless underneath a bridge in Paris, sneaking into Fukushima, chatting with David Foster Wallace, making rain in the Sahara, enduring winter, finding ‘something,’ and thinking of you. Subscribe on iTunes