040: Jason Jaworski, Photographer, Writer, Artist
Jason Jaworski, Official Photo

040: Jason Jaworski, Photographer, Writer, Artist

“What is this ‘something?’”

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I’m Jenna Matecki.

Our next episode goes to Jason Jaworski. Jason is a photographer, writer, and artist, who has been living a nomadic existence since he was 17. His deeply personal photos, photobooks, exhibitions, and performances have been published, featured, shelved, and shown around the world – the International Center for Photography, MOCA Los Angeles, MoMA PS1, VICE Magazine, Juxtapoz, Bookdummypress, Mana Contemporary, and Opening Ceremony to name a few.

Listen to what Jason had to say about meeting the ninja turtles, dropping out of school, living homeless underneath a bridge in Paris, sneaking into Fukushima, chatting with David Foster Wallace, making rain in the Sahara, enduring winter, finding ‘something,’ and thinking of you.


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing episode 040 with Jason Jaworski.

You can check out Jason’s work at jason-jaworski.com, sskpress.com, or on Instagram at @jaworskijason.

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