046: Ann Yang, Phil Wong, MISFIT
Ann Yang, Phil Wong, Misfit Photo by: Jeff Prost-Greene

046: Ann Yang, Phil Wong, MISFIT

“I don’t want us to learn ourselves out of our idealism, or personalities.”

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Our next episode goes to Ann Yang and Phil Wong, the founders of MISFIT. MISFIT is a juice company that repurposes food waste – lovably misfit fruits and vegetables – into delicious cold-pressed juices. Listen to what Ann and Phil had to say about their deep friendship and partnership, strawberries and cash, and thinking tender thoughts.

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Here’s Ann Yang and Phil Wong from MISFIT –


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Buy one of MISFIT’s juices. I have a few at my studio here and they’re scrumptious. You can check out if a store near you stocks them at misfitjuicery.co/locations/. Be sure to follow MISFIT’s Instagram and Facebook at @misfitjuicery.

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