“Here’s an idea of what this might be… let’s play.”
– Mark Osborne, Episode 064

“No idea is too perfect for right now.”
– Eric McCoy, Justus Meyer, Episode 063

“It doesn’t matter if you’re shy. If you just be yourself and try to connect with people in a very genuine way, it doesn’t matter how loud your voice is.”
– Caitlin Pasko, Episode 062

“That’s the only way to live life – being sure of what’s right for you, and operating from that space.”
– Danielle Jackson, Episode 061

“I didn’t have leather jackets, but I did have leather bound journals”
– Jon Bowermaster, Episode 060

“I don’t think an idea starts from zero.”
– Meitha Al Mazrooei, Episode 059

“I think that my place in the world, my existence in the world, is to make sure that music is heard. That’s the job that God gave to me. That’s why I’m here.”
– Sharlese Metcalf, Episode 058

“Do the right thing. And don’t be afraid to do the right thing… even when there’s a little bit of controversy.”
– Jim Estill, Episode 057

“There’s some level of positivity in just the ability to keep going.”
– Charlie O’Donnell, Episode 056

“I know that when I get bored, it’s dangerous”
– Dan Maccarone, Episode 055

“Call it destiny… or call it stubborn.”
– Ward Roberts, Episode 054

“I haven’t had a ‘job’ since ’98.”
– Scott Beale, Episode 053

“There are other parts of life that have to be fulfilling in order for your job to be fulfilling”
– Nick Rhodes, Episode 052

“It’s funny how life will line up for you – once you know your north star.”
– Friday Jones, Episode 051

“I like bliss because it’s more radical than joy.”
– Troy Ogilvie, Episode 049

“I still can’t believe it’s me, doing it.”
– Tim Einenkel, Episode 048

“Having money obviously is a thing, but having agency or control over your destiny is another.”
– Sam Valenti IV, Episode 047

“I don’t want us to learn ourselves out of our idealism, or personalities.”
– Ann Yang & Phil Wong, Episode 046

“One of the most amazing things that would happen is that someone, a resident of public housing who is also a RHI staff member, would walk across the street, and in walking through the front door would go from being a storm victim, to a storm responder.”
– Jill Eisenhard, Episode 045

“There’s always more to learn. True mastery doesn’t exist.”
– Brandon Sugiyama, Episode 044

“You can recreate yourself as many times as you wish in your given time. Every time you want to step in and give yourself to fire, you will find space to… let someone else come alive.”
– Luca Roselli, Episode 043

“I love learning new things. Which means I also love when other people learn new things.”
– Juliana Han, Episode 042

Sarah: Maybe it’s just those few things. Being real. Speaking from the heart. And not filtering as much. Not editing, and leaving that for later.
Jenna: Said a copywriter.
Sarah: Yeah. Said a copywriter.
– Sarah Lim, Episode 041

“What is this ‘something?’”
– Jason Jaworski, Episode 040

“If I can write one song that you’ll remember for 5 years, then that’s so much more important to me than fucking having my record on the main page of Spotify.”
– Sam Braverman, Episode 039

“The thing that I’m most proud of is not any deal that I’ve made, or any bonus that I’ve received, or anything like that. It’s to have had the foresight to formulate what I wanted.”
– François-David Nehama, Episode 038

“They’re worried that people are going to think it sucks. So what? I suck at stuff all the time.”
– Willie Avendano, Episode 037

“Is there joy in the challenge? There’s life in the challenge. There’s a liveliness in the challenge. And I think without feeling alive and lively there can be no joy.”
– Joan Snitzer, Episode 036

“There’s something just so deeply rewarding (scary, but deeply rewarding), about shaping your own destiny.”
– Stephan Jacob, Episode 035

“I love the unknowns.”
– Dennis Crowley, Episode 034

“You fumble around with it and you make mistakes. And then you have to be open to those mistakes. Because one or two mistakes out of ten are going to be something worth keeping.”
– Oli Chang, Episode 033

“But I think the real reason for doing it, and I  probably only discovered this later, was to see how life would be like without limits, without that return ticket.”
– Ian McNaught Davis, Episode 032

“When you’re having a dialogue with whatever really interests you – that’s how style emerges.”
– Sarah-Margaret Gibson, Episode 031

“Madame Gayle… she comes up to me and she’s like ‘Geoff, you know, why don’t you try and learn how to draw?’ And I remember distinctly there was a click in my brain. And I was like… ‘oh… yeah.’ And that’s when I started wanting to draw. And that’s how I got into art.”
– Geoffrey Cheung, Episode 030

“It’s asking ‘Am I having the impact on humanity, the world, whatever thing that’s important to me, that I want to be having?’”
– Ari Shahdadi, Episode 029

“Having a young daughter, it’s so much to pass to her… the satisfaction of seeing her parents happy with what they’re doing. It’s worth so much more than the comfort that you can bring with a job that you don’t like. We always talk about the value in what we’re doing. ‘What is the value that we’re creating for our daughter, seeing us, surrounded by books, surrounded by artists, surrounded by all the hours that we do at work?’ hopefully that will inform her.”
– Victor Sira & Shiori Kawasaki, Episode 028

“We need challenges, because that’s what we like.”
– Augusta Gordon, Episode 026

“The truth is that whatever you’re tinkering with, whatever you’re playing with and thinking about, and drawing from different experiences… it all kind of fits together.”
Alison Cutlan, Episode 025

Jenna: How would you explain what you do to your grandmother?
Deidre: I think I would say ‘Nana, so I’m doing music! I’m doing music. I write songs, I perform. David and I are running a studio in Williamsburg where we’re scoring things, creating custom music for other people’s projects, working on films… I do voice overs sometimes, I help run the business… and she’d probably say ‘oh that’s nice’ and be a little confused that I couldn’t just say ‘Oh, I play the piano. That’s what I do.’
– Deidre Muro, Episode 023

“People aspiring to badassery… ‘I’m going to be a badass!’ Well, just do your job. And the badassedness will come as a result of achieving rather than saying ‘I’m going to be known, and famous, and feared because of my knowledge, my skill, my flashy imagery, and so on!’”
– Timothy Samara, Episode 022

“No. It’s coming from your heart.
It’s coming from you.”
– Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Episode 021

“You’ve got to be into it because you like it. You have to do it, because you think it’s the right thing to do. Because the world deserves something that’s better than what’s already out there.”
– Jeff Weisbein, Episode 020

“There’s a stability in tension.”
– Will Mayo, Episode 019

“Be as open to things as possible. Don’t close anything out.”
– Dylan Ezzie, Episode 018

“It’s good for it to be hard, because when it’s hard you’re at your most creative.”
– Laura Beth Resnick, Episode 017

“Greatness is wanting to give to someone else, wanting to provide for someone else.
Greatness is taking what you built, and sharing it.”
– Conrad Clifton, Episode 016

“I don’t see it as a sad thing. I don’t think it’s like “OOOOOO it’s so. bad. that we’re outsiders!” or “Darn, we’re the outsiders.” It’s more like “Wow. It’s really fun being the outsider.”
– Mika Song, Episode 015

“One of my favorite moments in the studio was the realization that all the things that I’m talking about right now are true.”
– David Perlick-Molinari, Episode 014

“You have to have emotions. You can’t be Mr. Spock, for example. Some people have called me that, and I was like ‘I don’t think so, I still have emotions too, you know!’If you combine Spock and Kirk, I think you have the ideal solution to everything.”
– Samuel J. Wong, Episode 013

“For me, it’s not a work/life balance. It’s more like a smoothie. You have all of it together. It all comes together.”
– Nicole Cardoza, Episode 012

“No, you don’t have to be tough. You have to be true to yourself.”
– Valerie Figarella, Episode 011

Graham: Right now this is the only thing I want, really.
Jenna: What if you get it?
Graham: What if I get it? Then I’ll have to dream up something else, which will be super fun. I can’t wait.
– Graham Forgang, Episode 010

“A lot of it is just loving what you do, being comfortable with failing, and just practicing a lot. That’s how I got from New Jersey to being here in Bermuda.”
– Kaitlin Baird, Episode 009

“I try to draw inspiration from anything that moves me. Luckily, I’m usually in a space where something like that happens.”
– Ryan Ho, Episode 008

“I honestly want to be able to look back and say ‘I’m so glad you didn’t give a fuck, you threw caution to the wind and you did what the fuck you wanted to do.'”
– Austance Caroline, Episode 007

“I think the beauty in life is that you always think about things. You always think about things. And there’s always one thing that you never think about. And that’s what makes life interesting.”
– Marco Vinicio Morales, Episode 006

“Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And I’ve stopped worrying about that – ‘good.’ Screw good. Just do it.”
– Rick Webb, Episode 005

“Think about what you’re doing. Think about whether you want to be crushing this. I think that’s an important factor. Think about the impact you want to have. And not just punch walls for the sake of punching them.”
– Sable Yong, Episode 004

“It was about creating something and creating your own thing. Instead of waiting around to be accepted or… to wait on someone else to give you something.
I’d rather just make it for myself.”
– Christaan Felber, Episode 003

“ I ask ‘Why do you do that?’ they say ‘I don’t know. My mom did it.’ … aren’t you curious?”
– Antonia Santangelo, Episode 002

Jenna: Ok. How about another way to make real life more interesting? … So if your games are like a…
Nik: I don’t think my imagination is that big. I think real life is really fucking interesting. It’s incredibly interesting. The more you find out about real life, the more you’re like, ‘Wow, that’s kind of incredible. That’s amazing.’
– Nik Mikros & Josh DeBonis, Episode 001