NODdoc 1: Mark Phillips, Animator, Marked Animation

Our first NODdoc goes to Mark Phillips, a talented director, animator, and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. Check out his design studio, Marked Animation

“It’s just something that I.. always thought was magic. You know? Just like… drawings can move. That was so amazing to me as a kid… and I had no idea how it worked. and I remember learning, I remember learning that it was 12-24 frames per second as like a six year old, and you’re like “well, I guess I’m not doing that!” but like, somehow that didn’t dissuade me as much as it should’ve… and I came back to it…..”

“My Dad always said do something practical and I didn’t really follow that… so.”

“The thing I’m most proud of is when I was four years old, and I wasted a whole ream of paper just drawing fat guys. And all the fat guys were was just a whole circle… I just circled the paper… draw a head, arms, and legs, and just… move on to the next sheet.”

“I’d like to think my work is… slightly off base. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of drawing… people that are hairy. or nipples. or tongues. or eyeballs. It’s not that they’re gross it’s just that they’re like everyday fun.”

“I know a drawing is going to be good if I’m laughing while I’m drawing it.”

“You know sometimes you’ll get like a good 9-6 job. And it’s pretty comfortable. You just do your work, and go home, and people said you did a good job. And you’re like “well, I did a good job. People told me so. I can just go home, and just like hang out, and just wake up, and do it all over again…”

“It’s good to be uncomfortable, because then, if you get comfortable, then you stop.”

“You know whether it’s a great piece of modern art that we’ve seen at the Armory Show, or like, the butthole level in South Park the video game, you know, certain things stick with you in certain ways, and, you know, you’ve just got to carry, you’ve got to carry that like “can I ever make something that’s going to make me laugh, in this way? Or make me really think about “ooo that’s a really cool idea” you know, you just want to…

you just want to find something like that.”

Interview & Edit by Jenna Matecki
Shot & Produced by ROARK
Color Grade by Na Thirakomen