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“One of the best Interviewers in HipHop gets interviewed Tim Einenkel, Radio, Podcasting, & The @LibrarywithTim Tim”Chuck D. @MrChuckD

“The first thing that comes to mind for each of them is that they are not going after success. They’re going after being fulfilled, and are therefore successful.”
Domino: Interview – Notes on Doing by Alexander Singh

“Be human. Everyone else is and if you are you’ll connect with people more easily.”
Her Campus: Notes on Notes on Doing: An Interview with Jenna Matecki by Arianna Friedman

“Buy yourself a great cup of coffee, put on some headphones and walk around NYC listening to this @VALENTI interview”@jkalifowitz

“There are some juicy thoughts shared within by Josh and Nikita: ruminations on the importance of iteration and encouraging others to dive outside of their comfort zones to experiment and learn new creative endeavors, fears of following up such a beloved hit while keeping to their core principle of innovation and acknowledging the role of organic luck, and the giddy love they have for the growing community that spans multiple cities and their hand in revitalizing the arcade scene. It’s a worthwhile listen, and I’ve definitely subscribed to Matecki’s podcast and so should you!”
Notes on Doing Podcast Interviews Killer Queen Developers Josh DeBonis and Nikita Mikros by Matt Albrecht

“Nobody really likes to be uncomfortable, but it’s a necessity for creative living. As animator Mark Phillips reminds us, when you get comfortable, you stop creating new things”
Lifehacker: “It’s Good to Be Uncomfortable. You Get Comfortable Then You Stop” by Thorin Klosowski

“Intuitive interviewer with canny guests. Different and unique!”buoma78, iTunes review of Notes on Doing

“A Greenpoint duo is bringing passion, talent and originality to the screen.”
Greenpoint Gazette: New Greenpoint Documentary Series to Tackle Creators and their Passions by Tanay Warerkar

“A community is only as strong as the people behind it. And for the longboard community this often translates to the local store.”
Longboardism: Notes on Doing (NOD) – Uncle Funky’s Longboard Shop by the team at

“I recall that expression (“Thinking a different way”) from one of the podcast interviews, and I remember thinking, this could easily be the subtitle for Notes on Doing. These interviews are more than simply learning about a particular niche industry or job function. They are about seeing the world through someone else’s filter… someone else’s perspective…. someone who is similar but still very much un-like me.” – misterirrelevant, iTunes review of Notes on Doing

“With such a diverse group of contributors, I’m constantly surprised with each episode. I love learning the intricacies of all these different industries as well as hearing the personalities behind the stories.”(EST), iTunes review of Notes on Doing