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057: Jim Estill, CEO, Danby
Jim Estill at Danby in Guelph, Ontario, Canada (Official Photo)

057: Jim Estill, CEO, Danby

“Do the right thing. And don’t be afraid to do the right thing… even when there’s a little bit of controversy.”

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I’m Jenna Matecki.

Our next episode goes to Jim Estill. Jim is the CEO of Danby, a Guelph, Ontario-based manufacturer of electrical appliances. Jim recently took over a million dollars of his own money and organized a massive community-wide effort to sponsor and support over 58 Syrian families immigrating to Canada. Jim also is an immensely successful businessman who, throughout his career, has invested in, led, and scaled companies worth billions of dollars.

Listen to what Jim had to say about inspiration, intuition, time management, cowboys, the psychology of failure, entrepreneurial angst, and doing the right thing.


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing episode 057 with Jim Estill.

Check out danby.com/donate for ways that you can help Jim’s Syrian friends. Jim also has a blog where he writes about his philosophies on leadership and time management at jimestill.com.

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