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044: Brandon Sugiyama, Wushu
Brandon Sugiyama Chen Taiji Fan 2014 World Traditional Wushu Championship Jiuhuashan, China, Photo credit: Bryan Kao

044: Brandon Sugiyama, Wushu

“There’s always more to learn. True mastery doesn’t exist.”

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I’m Jenna Matecki.

Our next episode goes to Brandon Sugiyama. Brandon is very, very, very good at wushu, also known as Chinese kung fu. He knows, practices, competes in, and judges competitions for contemporary wushu – changquan, tajiquan, and bagua. Brandon also has a career as a creative director and motion graphics designer.

Listen to what Brandon had to say about learning wushu basics in a basement gym, a monkey stealing a peach, Sifus, passion-filled burritos, and the subject of mastery.


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing episode 044, with Brandon Sugiyama.

The best way to look through Brandon’s work, including wushu videos, is to Google him.

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