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034: Dennis Crowley, Foursquare, Kingston Stockade FC
Dennis Crowley, Official Photo

034: Dennis Crowley, Foursquare, Kingston Stockade FC

“I love the unknowns.”

“Why start things? Why do things on your own? Because you get really great people that are inspired and motivated, and they want to see something happen. To work with those people is amazing.”

“We made something from scratch that didn’t exist before we did it, and people like it. And that’s the thing that’s most inspiring me.”

Welcome to Notes on Doing – conversations with people who love what they do.

My name is Jenna Matecki.

Our next episode goes to Dennis Crowley. Dennis is the Co-Founder and Executive Chair of Foursquare, and the Founder and Chairman of Kingston Stockade FC – a new semi-pro soccer team based in Kingston, New York.

Listen to what Dennis had to say about how he got to where he is today, building things from scratch, and loving the unknowns.


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing episode 034, with Dennis Crowley.

Definitely check out a Stockade game — the next one is this Sunday! You can learn more about the team, how awesome they are, and when they’re playing at stockadefc.com.

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