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The Notes on Doing Podcast


Welcome to Season II of Notes on Doing. Things are going to be a little different from now on –

1. Episodes are now happening twice a month, and I need some great suggestions for interviewees. Know someone amazing who loves what they do? Send me a note!

2. Thanks to you there’s now a Notes on Doing Community, join it on Facebook and come to the meetups. Also, if you could take a second now to review the show on iTunes you’ll make my day and help bring in more listeners.

3. And ever wonder what this is all about? I’m writing a book about Notes on Doing. These interviews on the podcast are contributing research to the book – through the voices and perspectives of people who show what it looks like to love what you do. Do you know anyone in publishing world, book agents, authors? If you could connect me with them I’d really appreciate it.

4. Through Notes on Doing I’ve found what it is that I love to do, and that’s interviewing people. I’m currently looking for projects where I can be hired to do so. Have a story to tell? Work in journalism or radio? Like having great conversations?

My email, for anything and everything, is jenna@mateckico.com and my twitter is @jennamatecki. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for listening. Until soon! In the meantime, do you.

024: ROUNDTABLE: “On Magic”
On Magic Roundtable at YouTooCanWoo HQ From right: Austance Caroline, Episode 007, Conrad Clifton, Episode 016, Deidre Muro, Episode 023, David Perlick-Molinari, Episode 014, Jenna Matecki Notes on Doing Host

024: ROUNDTABLE: “On Magic”

Welcome to Notes on Doing episode 024, a roundtable “On Magic.”

Something that I’ve noticed as we’re almost a quarter of the way through Notes on Doing (the goal has been to get 100 interviews down) — is that many of the people that I’ve interviewed mention “magic” somewhere in their interviews — the magic of loving what you do, the magic of realizing and being who you are… the magic of applying your skills and toolsets towards a greater good.

It got me thinking — what about doing is magical? How do you create and harness magic in order to do what you love? What is magic?!

So, I invited four of our past interviewees to chat about magic. They are:

Austance Caroline, Episode 007

David Perlick-Molinari, Episode 014

Conrad Clifton, Episode 016

Deidre Muro, Episode 23

Full disclosure, these interviewees and doers are also married couples too which is pretty fun— David and Deidre, Austi and Conrad. Three out of four of them have careers in music. Everyone lives in Brooklyn. Everyone loves what they do and…

We all believe in magic.

This conversation happened at a semi-rectangular table at YouTooCanWoo studios (David and Deidre’s company) on Sunday, January 31st, at 1:00pm.

Here goes.