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036: Joan Snitzer, Artist
Joan Snitzer, Berlin

036: Joan Snitzer, Artist

“Is there joy in the challenge? There’s life in the challenge. There’s a liveliness in the challenge. And I think without feeling alive and lively there can be no joy.”

“I really hope that my students discover something very personal about themselves, that they can express visually, that also can connect and has some importance to other people around them.”

“I think creating a piece of art requires a coordination of so many different parts of the self, that when they come together it’s very exciting.”

Joan:  You want flowers? I’ll show you flowers. I’m not afraid to be a woman anymore, and I don’t feel I have to compete with what men do or defend what women do. 

Jenna: So you’re actively being yourself?

Joan: Yeah. I think there’s a comes a time where you just accept it… ‘I am myself.’

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I’m Jenna Matecki.

Our next episode goes to Joan Snitzer. Joan is an artist, and the Director of the Visual Arts program at Barnard College.

Listen to what Joan had to say about being a feminist artist in New York City in the 70s, nurturing her students, and finding life and joy in challenges.


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing episode 036, with Joan Snitzer.

Joan’s paintings are beautiful – check them out in person or at joansnitzer.com.

Also, if you know any young women who are applying to college tell them to check out Barnard. My time there, surrounded by incredible people and learning from Joan, still influences the way I think, work, and communicate today.

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