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045: Jill Eisenhard, Red Hook Initiative
Jill Eisenhard at Red Hook Initiative, Photo: Alden Parkinson

045: Jill Eisenhard, Red Hook Initiative

“One of the most amazing things that would happen is that someone, a resident of public housing who is also a RHI staff member, would walk across the street, and in walking through the front door would go from being a storm victim, to a storm responder.”

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I’m Jenna Matecki.

Our next episode goes to Jill Eisenhard. Jill is the Founder and Executive Director of the Red Hook Initiative. RHI is a community-based institution that works to empower youth in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Listen to what Jill had to say about instilling hope, leading through other leaders, strengthening a community, responding to Hurricane Sandy, and building the future of Red Hook – with Red Hook.


Thanks for listening to Notes on Doing episode 045, with Jill Eisenhard.

Check out the Red Hook Initiative at rhicenter.org, @rhookinitiative on Instagram and Twitter, and Red Hook Initiative on Facebook. If you’re looking to donate to an organization that is truly changing people’s lives for the better, this is it.

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