Notes on Doing (NOD) is a podcast featuring conversations with people who love what they do. 

These conversations are contributing research to a Notes on Doing book that I’m writing about what it means to love what you do.

Notes on Doing also recently launched a new written column called NOD Solutions – a look at people in organizations around the world who love what they do, and help others while doing it.

I’d love for you to be a part of Notes on Doing. Subscribe and get Notes on Doing podcast episodes on iTunes. Follow @notesondoing on Instagram and join the Notes on Doing Facebook community to connect with the people featured on the show, and each other.

Any thoughts or questions? Know someone I should interview?

I’m all ears. 

Jenna Matecki

Creator & Host


“One of the best Interviewers in HipHop gets interviewed Tim Einenkel, Radio, Podcasting, & The @LibrarywithTim Tim”Chuck D. @MrChuckD

“Be human. Everyone else is and if you are you’ll connect with people more easily.”
Her Campus: Notes on Notes on Doing: An Interview with Jenna Matecki by Arianna Friedman

“Buy yourself a great cup of coffee, put on some headphones and walk around NYC listening to this @VALENTI interview”@jkalifowitz

“Nobody really likes to be uncomfortable, but it’s a necessity for creative living. As animator Mark Phillips reminds us, when you get comfortable, you stop creating new things”
Lifehacker: “It’s Good to Be Uncomfortable. You Get Comfortable Then You Stop” by Thorin Klosowski

“Intuitive interviewer with canny guests. Different and unique!” – buoma78, iTunes review of Notes on Doing

“I recall that expression (“Thinking a different way”) from one of the podcast interviews, and I remember thinking, this could easily be the subtitle for Notes on Doing. These interviews are more than simply learning about a particular niche industry or job function. They are about seeing the world through someone else’s filter… someone else’s perspective…. someone who is similar but still very much un-like me.” – misterirrelevant, iTunes review of Notes on Doing