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EPISODE 028: Victor Sira & Shiori Kawasaki on the art of setting an example

“Having a young daughter, it’s so much to pass to her… the satisfaction of seeing her parents happy with what they’re doing. It’s worth so much more than the comfort that you can bring with a job that you don’t like. We always talk about the value in what we’re doing. ‘What is the value that we’re creating for our daughter, seeing us, surrounded by books, surrounded by artists, surrounded by all the hours that we do at work?’ hopefully that will inform her.”

Our next episode goes to Victor Sira and Shiori Kawasaki, the photographers who founded Book Dummy Press – an independent, forward-thinking publishing company and online bookstore that specializes in artist publications.

Listen to what Victor and Shiori had to say about working together as husband and wife, collecting ideas, publishing books, freedom, balance, and how art makes your life better. Subscribe on iTunes