The Notes on Doing Podcast

Notes on Doing Podcast Final Episode Party: Thursday, November 2nd, 7:00pm

You’re invited to the Notes on Doing podcast party Thursday, November 2nd, at 7:00pm.

I’m excited to announce that there will soon be a final episode #065 of the Notes on Doing podcast.

I’m now writing a Notes on Doing book that explores the attitudes and perspectives that lead to loving what you do.

I’d love to celebrate with you.

Notes on Doing Podcast Final Episode Party
Thursday, November 2nd, 7:00pm
The Gatehouses at the Brooklyn Navy Yard by Kings County Distillery
299 Sands Street, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Bring friends, coworkers, family, and your wonderful self.

Love & audio waves,


Jenna Matecki

P.S. I will debut some of the insights from the Notes on Doing book in a talk at Catskills Conf – an awesome networking-around-a-fire kind of weekend upstate in the Catskills Oct 13-15. Think tech, design, blacksmithing, foraging, yoga, fresh local beer, and live music under the stars. Come! They (the wonderful conference organizers) made a discount for fans of podcast & transportation is included [code: NOTESONDOING]. I’ll be camping up there that weekend and can’t wait to spend time with you. Click here or ping me for more info.